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Retirement Solutions for Seniors would like to introduce you to a very unique strategy that gives you tremendous opportunity with absolute safety…We  understand that  all of America knows where to find safety: CD’s, money markets, and US Treasuries…and, all of America knows where to find opportunity:the stock market…However, very few know  how to receive safety and opportunity at  the same time on the same dollar..Would you agree that accomplishing this would be very beneficial to your portfolio & lifestyle?  So.. if you are interested in safety, never losing any principal or outliving your money,substantially increasing  your income throughout retirement while significantly reducing  your taxes at the same timethen  give  Retirement Solutions for Seniors a call today at …300-4799…Naples, fl  & request the Free Information that will take the tension & fear out of your  retirement. After all …isn’t that what you really want?...Serving Naples 30 yrs…

                                        Never any sales charges or administrative fees ,EVER!  …. 

                     Selected as a   5 Star Best Wealth Manager  ..  By Gulfshore Life Magazine

Are you wanting to make the best decision regarding your retirement but aren't sure what to look for or even what's available? Do you already have a basic strategy in place but still need clarification on specific questions, help with planning issues, or just a second opinion from a credible source?

Whether you are looking to roll over your company retirement account, trying to determine the best way to generate income during retirement, or purchase and compare annuities, I am a trained and licensed insurance agent ( since 1986 ) who would be happy to answer your questions or share helpful ideas with you without cost or obligation.

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