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                           Welcome to the “New World of Retiremnt Income Planning”
Free, cutting- edge designs of my Advanced Income-Recovery solutions are now available to those concerned about their financial futures. This is a“ MUST  SEE OPPORTUNITY”. Soon to be retired, retirees, cpa’s, estate-planning attorney’s, business professionals, doctors, etc…can now view their own personalized retirement road map!
With increased national debt growing larger each and every day due to the bailout of Wall Street, Detroit, AIG, and an economic stimulus package—the dollar will be worth less and less, and you will need a larger income stream to survive in your retirement.
This presentation is designed to show you how YOU CAN FINALLY TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR RETIREMENT FUTURE AND ENHANCE YOUR LIFESTYLE! Secured & Guaranteed. It’s Visual, Simple, & Real!..& the designs & solutions will be printed & yours to keep… This is a $300 value but Free for A LIMITED TIME for those who ACT QUICKLY.

No matter where you live I'll show you what your retirement income future could look like..From my computer to yours, using your figures and dollar amounts, my lifetime income results will absolutely beat anything your advisors or planners have shown you. Just grab a coffee, your phone, and a comfortable chair; I'll do the rest..I'll print and send the exact design we discuss to you, then, it's up to you..Wall street is heading for another " big one"; It's time to enjoy what you've worked your whole life for.

Licensed in all states, so call and see for yourself..!!!
· Make certain you do not lose any money.
· Regardless if you liquidate your portfolio to zero, you will always recover your original investment principal.
· Increase your monthly income substantially.
· Significantly reduce your aggregate tax liabilities.
· And much, much more.
The presentation is offered by Michael R. Bell Retirement Solutions for Seniors,  Naples, Fl. 34112 specializing in Advanced Income-Recovery Planning & recently recognized as a 5 Star Best Wealth Manager for 2010 by Gulfshore Life Magazine: March issue 2010
Please call 239-300-4799 for your Appointment ASAP.. between 8 am -4pm.. Mon thru Fri. There are no costs, no obligation, never any sales charges or administrative fees, ever! Evening & Saturday Appointments available, no cost, as well.
Superior Retirement Solutions
designed exclusively for you!
Why would many professional financial managers not want you to see this? Because they just can’t beat my results!
Can you Imagine:
Spending your entire life savings over the next 10,15-20 years, yet at the end, have every dollar you started with?
Look folks…Old school financial planning is DEAD! 8 years have past; trillions  lost in market meltdowns…so…if you’ve been fortunate enough to recover a some of your loses Be Thankful! Now, don’t let it happen to you again! June 24th 2016 should have been a serious wake-up call for all who participate in the Market. Get Out !! There will be no recovery this time around
Superior Results require Superior Strategies!You can now see how to supercharge your Savings, 401k, IRA rollover, Roth conversions made easy, significant income increase with full recovery.. PLUS..leaving a tax-free legacy at the same time…all while reducing your aggregate tax liability significantly..WOW!
Come and experience for yourself the TRUE power of these customized, cutting-edge solutions and why they are the best choice for your retirement financial future….Hands Down!
Example: Single man..age 63..only had soc.sec. & wanted to retire. Family sold some property & he received $1,000,000 for his share of proceeds. No family concerns and wanted to live life to the fullest without chasing rates or the worry of losing principal. Wanted a 20 yr solution…
Results: Initial Investment..1million, ave. annual gross income: $75,079.74, Total gross income $1,576,140.36( 20 yrs), total estimated taxes $ 79,475.06( over 20 yrs= 5.1% taxes paid)…total net income $1,496,665.30…Think he had a good time!!!
Example: Married couple oldest 72 wanted 15 yr. solution for more income & full recovery of original principal..Investment $2.1 million..ave. annual gross income $112,262.04 ( to go along with their soc. Sec. & small pension), total gross inc. $1,777,740.49, total $139,288.17( over 15 yrs= 7.82%) and Full recovery of $2,100,000. Think life got a little more enjoyable

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